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Want to know how to create change in habits to shape your health and wellness?

Water Element is part of the Life Cycle in 5 Element Acupressure article by Sasha

Heart health is everyone’s business. Next Wave Physiotherapy and occupational therapy help people with exercise,

Women’s Health Occupational Therapy helps women across the lifespan. This unique role at Next Wave

Be your best self, goal setting with a difference. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy at Next

Rekindling joy when the fire has gone out in depression with Occupational therapist, Naturopath and

Self kindness has profound benefits for physical and mental health. Sasha Wray Chronic pain and

Gratitude heals. Sasha Wray Occupational Therapist (Fremantle) writes about this gentle but powerful skill for

Lifestyle medicine weaves into physiotherapy, occupational therapy and naturopathy at Next Wave Therapy when treating

Mental Health occupational therapy O’Connor (Fremantle area)

Autumn is the season that resonates with the Element of Metal, transported by the lung

We’re celebrating OT week with a give away competition with Sasha Wray and Pania Edwards.

Loving our post-baby body is a journey and requires self-acceptance. Next Wave occupational therapist Carleen

Treating muscle pain with soft tissue therapy is an approach used by occupational therapists at

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is complex musculoskeletal condition treated by Occupational Therapist Pania Edwards at

Long covid requires us to adapt in life. Sasha Wray writes about the allostatic load

Relaxation therapy is an effective way of combatting the effects of pain and stress, Sasha

Recent, April 2021 NICE guidelines recommend physical therapy, psychological approaches and acupuncture rather than analgesics

Functional Capacity Assessments (FCA) are provided by occupational therapists (OT) at Next Wave Therapy, Fremantle

Setting New Year resolutions usually leads to failure. Sasha Wray, Fremantle Occupational Therapist writes about