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Water Element

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Water Element : Life Cycles

Water is the Element of Winter

Our most yin element of water sits in the season of winter where we are more attuned to retreat and restore. This is a good time to reflect on what is important in your life and to be yourself. It is a time to build essence, become aware of fear and anxiety, and to know your true power.

Winter is here and with it comes a withdrawal of energy in our lives. We find ourselves moving, thinking and feeling differently. You’ll notice a subtle shift from the retreating energy of Metal (in Autumn) to a slower maybe more present engagement in life.

the natural cycle of LIFE

Five Element Theory is cyclical, but if we were to give it a beginning point, it would be from the resonance of the Water Element. Water energy when balanced allows us to live in accordance with the flow of nature’s course. This is called wu wei and is seen in the ability to act without force. It is effortless effort or the the art of non-doing.

Water element calls us to find stillness within the uncertainty of life, reflecting on and storing the potential energy within.

This element gifts us the perfect conditions to plant seeds for the new growth of Spring (Wood Element). Growth begins with a seed of potential. A seed needs darkness and moisture to germinate. And so over the cold , wet and dark days of winter comes the first manifestation of our vitality in Life. The expression of our Jing or essence!

So how is the flow in your life? Are you joyfully riding the waves? Are you swimming easily through life?

Or are you feeling awash, in an eddy, all at sea? Are you treading water or feel like your trudging through a swamp?

the energy of water

Water is our most fundamental element in Nature. Covering 70% of the Earths surface and 60% of human body, it is essential for many body functions. Water keeps us hydrated, regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, transports nutrients assist digestion by dissolving minerals and nutrients and lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products.

So what happens when ‘Water’ is imbalanced?

Physically the water element is associated with maintaining the health of the kidneys and bladder. Any conditions associated with these organs are indicative of imbalance in the Water Element.

Fear is the emotion of Water. This is the type of fear that is felt deep within and experienced lower in the body, in the pelvis, lower back and legs. Fear comes in many forms but essentially arises from a sense of danger to our health, happiness or our very existence.

The spectrum of fear ranges form shaky, foreboding, uneasiness to terror, panic and deep foreboding.

Through fear, the Water element helps develop qualities of trust, openness and curiosity. From this grounded space of being we can tap into the power of water within.

The qualities of Water help us to know our power. It allows us to feel safe in the inevitable uncertainty of life and be able to trust that we are always supported. . It gives the motivation to achieve based on our values. Water energy enables you to sue Zhi heart felt will with purpose, ambition and determination. rather than will which drives excessive effort and driveness.

A healthy Water element helps to balance wisdom with loving kindness.

5 ways to balance water

1.      Drink water (30 ml/kg of body weight each day).. Eat blue foods (the colour of Water element ) such as blueberries, eggplant, plums, purple potatoes and salty foods such as tamari, seaweed and miso.

2.      Support your back with hara breathing, stretching, Pilates, exercise and a supportive mattress.

3.     Reflect on the strength of your commitments to work, leisure, family, friends and self care. Are they in balance or do you put more attention to one area?

4.      Be mindful of fear in your life. In what situations do you feel uncertain, out of control or are you able to go with the flow and trust that things will unfold as they should?

5.      Relax. Be still. Enjoy a cup of herb tea by a warm fire. Meditate. Enjoy solitude. Retreat into yourself.

Want to learn more about Life in 5 Elements?

  • Attend our 5 Element Retreat afternoons. Meeting five times a year in each season we explore and learn more about the element and how to bring balance in life.

  • Learn Acupressure for self care or to become an acupressure practitioner

Written by Sasha Wray, the information in this article is either taken directly or inspired by John Kirkwood’s book The Way of the Five Seasons (2016) Singing Dragon: London

Sasha is a Certified Acupressure Practitioner and Teacher of John Kirkwood’s 5 Element Acupressure Training. She is also an occupational therapist and naturopath

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