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Water Element is part of the Life Cycle in 5 Element Acupressure article by Sasha

Heart health is everyone’s business. Next Wave Physiotherapy and occupational therapy help people with exercise,

Next Wave Longevity Competition, Greater Fremantle area. Grip strength predicts health and wellness in life

Mosaic Program is a team approach for people who live with chronic pain and other

Naturopathy for Mental Health and Chronic Pain. Welcome to Kylie Herdman (Naturopath and Therapy Assistant)

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Online home delivered scripts for natural medicines are now available at Next Wave Therapy. Sasha

Autumn is the season that resonates with the Element of Metal, transported by the lung

Managing pain through nutrition and anti-inflammatory diets is well researched. Pania Edwards, Occupational Therapist and

While menopause is an inevitable part of every woman's life, osteoporosis doesn't have to be.

A holistic approach to anxiety is beneficial for many people. Sasha Wray, Fremantle Naturopath and

PEA is a popular pain management medication for chronic pain. Sasha Wray, Fremantle’s Pain and

Phyto-estrogens have many hormonal health benefits. This blog lists foods that are rich in phyto-estrogens.

Plastic, people and the planet. For all our sake, let’s get drastic on plastic this

Red Apple Day raises awareness of bowel cancer in Australia. Getting adequate dietary fibre is