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Next Wave Longevity Competition

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Next Wave Longevity Competition

This year World Health Day fell on Good Friday. Interestingly, in 18th Century Chinese mythology the White Hare of the Moon, makes the elixir of immortality. Is this why World Health day falls on Good Friday?

It got us thinking about living your best life with good health, wellness and happiness. So we couldn’t resist holding a longevity competition.

So how well are you ageing?

Did you know that grip strength is a simple but powerful predictor of disability and longevity?

The Lancet 2015 study of almost 140,000 adults in high-, middle- and low-income nations, found that reduced handgrip strength was closely linked to mortality in people of all incomes, predicting risks for early death better than blood pressure, which is often considered one of the best indicators of life span. And this 2015 study of 9.229 people over 10 years had similar results.

Taking part in the “Next Wave Longevity Challenge” 2023.

  1. Come in to Next Wave Therapy 6/352 South St O’Connor (Fremantle area). You don’t have to be a patient.

  2. Our receptionists or physiotherapists will measure your grip strength and let you know where your positioned against others of your age and sex.

  3. Your measurement will be anonymously plotted to show the longevity of people in the Greater Fremantle area.

Next Wave Team (taking our measurements below)

Congratulations to all our Competition Winners

We awarded 8 winners for strongest male and female in each age category of 20 – 39, 40 – 59, 60 – 79 and 80+

Plus a special congratulations to our strongest male and female staff members, Zac Betts and Carleen Ginter.

Thankyou to everyone who participated. You’re all winners and we wish you a long and healthy life.

cheers from the Next wave Team

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