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Better Balance for Falls Prevention Across the Lifespan

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in Fremantle area for falls prevention

Preventing falls is every bodies concern

Falls and fractures are commonly associated with occurring in old age but Next Wave Therapists treat people of all ages with falls risk concerns. While there is alot that can be done to prevent falls, the best time to start falls prevention is now, whatever your age.

The World Health Organization WHO recommends that all adults (regardless of age, health, or ability) do 30-60min of physical activity most days, for optimal physical and mental health. To prevent falls and maintain independence this should include exercise or activities that improve strength and balance.

Every bit of activity helps.

What factors increase falls risks?

The risk of falling and having problems related to this increases with age. But there are many people of all ages who have a high falls risk.

People of all ages with higher falls risk are those with

  • Problems with eyesight, hearing, and reflexes

  • Conditions that cause rushed movement to the bathroom, such as incontinence.

  • Cognitive changes which may occur in older adults but also in people with chronic fatigue or mood disorders.

  • loss of muscle mass (known as sarcopenia)

  • problems with balance and gait

  • blood pressure that drops too much when you get up from lying down or sitting (called postural hypotension)

  • Foot problems that cause pain

conditions with higher falls risk

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Thyroid imbalance

  • Disorders causing vertigo & dizziness

  • POTS

  • Chronic fatigue Syndrome

Some medications can increase a person’s risk of falling because they cause side effects such as dizziness or confusion. The more medications you take, the more likely you are to fall.

environmental factors can increase falls risk

  • Wearing unsafe footwear such as backless shoes or high heels.

  • Slip and trip hazards in the home such as loose floor rugs or small steps

  • Safety hazards outside the home such as loose pavers in the footpath

  • Poor lighting

What are the consequences of falls?

A simple trip or slip can end up being a life changing event. Fractures and broken bones can be the beginning of more chronic disease and disability. Even a small trip can be scary and results in a fear of falling. This unfortunately contributes to increasing the risk of falling again.

Addressing falls risk is important.

Falls Prevention at Next Wave Therapy

Our physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs assist people to build confidence in living safely.

Physiotherapy will address your balance, strength and activity tolerance. You may opt for a home exercise program or join one of our exercise rehabilitation semi-private classes. This includes the GLa:D program for people with knee or hip osteoarthritis, Clinical Pilates or strength training.

Occupational therapy will assess your home environment and address any self care, work, home duties or leisure activities you are struggling with.

If you have a fear of falling, building confidence with strength, balance and relaxation is recommended.

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