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Our Covid-19 Safety Policy

These guidelines are based on the current available evidence, the status of COVID-19 in Australia, current knowledge of the transmission of coronaviruses and may change as more evidence becomes available.

Wellness of Patients and Staff

Our practice pre-screen patients prior to their appointment and remind them of the importance of not attending if unwell and limiting the spread. Patients are asked if they have been potentially exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19) or have any symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath.

Signs relating to COVID-19 symptoms have been placed throughout the practice as a reminder to patients to refrain from entering if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or transmissible diseases.

All persons entering the practice are required to sign in via the Safe WA QR code or by manually writing their details on the contact tracing register.

Physical Distancing

Space waiting room seating so that patients in waiting room are spaced at least 1.5m apart when seated.  Exercise classes are capped at 3 per class to allow for adequate physical distancing.

All staff and visitors must fill out the contact log or use the Safe WA QR code located at reception upon arrival and departure recording name, phone number, arrival time.

Our practice is equipped with webcams and computer technology that allows us to hold all meetings and where appropriate Telehealth consults.

All persons will comply with mask wearing when required.

Procedure If A Staff Member Or Patient Has Symptoms Or Prescreening Indicates They Are A High COVID 19 Exposure Risk

If not showing symptoms, but meeting risk criteria:

The patient will be offered a telehealth consultation and be required to follow government protocols on covid tests and self isolation. Ensure that the patient leaves the practice as soon as practically possible and that any contamination risks that arise as a result of their visit (surfaces touched etc) are addressed with environmental cleaning methods immediately.

If showing respiratory symptoms or fever:

Follow the same process as above but additionally inform them to seek medical advice by calling their GP or one the following relevant health advisory line: COVID Hotline 13 COVID or Health Direct 1800 022 222

Hygiene and Cleaning

Patients are asked to perform hand hygiene on arrival and throughout their appointment. Our practice displays posters on the 5 steps of hand hygiene as a visual reminder to ensure staff and clients comply and reduce the risk of transmission.

The cleanliness of all areas of our practice is maintained at all times in order to reduce the potential risk of the healthcare environment acting as a source for infection transmission.

Routine cleaning of the patient treatment area is performed between each patient with detergent/disinfectant solution/wipe. We take extra care to clean/disinfect surfaces in areas that patients have directly been in contact with or have been exposed to respiratory droplets.

Our practice ensures staff and clients have access to hand washing facilities that are dedicated for the purpose of hand-washing only and has suitable liquid soap and disposable paper towels. We include hand washing instruction posters above each hand washing sink to ensure appropriate techniques are followed.

All staff ensure that clinical and related wastes are stored, handled and disposed of in compliance with the EPA regulatory requirements. All staff receive periodic updates as to the safe handling and disposal of clinical, related and general wastes as part of routine infection control in-service education.

All patients attending Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation classes are required to use their own towel, wear socks and wear a mask as required by state law.

Vaccinations At Next Wave Therapy

All staff at Next Wave Therapy are fully compliant with government and WA health state mandate regulations with regards to COVID-19. Current mandates dictate that all staff are fully vaccinated.

If a staff member has a government approved medical exemption they will be required to wear a mask or PPE at all times while working.

We thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe.