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Reshaping Pain Program

Next Wave Therapy Reshaping Pain Program is for people who live with chronic pain and other health conditions such as a metabolic disorder, mental health concerns, musculoskeletal diagnosis or neural disorder.

The Reshaping Pain Program is for people who need a unified team approach to help piece together your new life trajectory. The program includes

  • 8 week group program attended in person or online
  • Join a private online community for continuous support
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Reshaping Pain

Piecing together your new life trajectory.

Do you live with persistent pain and other health concerns?

Have you been struggling to understand what is going on for you?

Have you tried all sorts of therapy but still suffer?

Reshaping Pain Program Gives:

#Comprehensive Assessments
#Extra time putting the pieces of your health mosaic puzzle together
#A crystal clear treatment plan
#Mentoring and support throughout your program
#A dedicated team working with you every step of the way

Under the expert guidance of our therapists you will:

  • get to the heart of what you most need

  • optimize your health and wellness

  • learn self management strategies

  • build meaning into your life

  • gain freedom

Your Reshaping Pain Journey

Onboarding is essential to start making sense of your “health mosiac” these are all the all the things that are contributing to your pain.

To get started we ask you to complete a Health Appraisal Questionnaire.

From there you can make an informed choice about which path to take next.

This includes:

  • Joining our 8 week Reshaping Pain Group Program (in person or online)

  • Access to private online community for ongoing support.

  • Attend Master Classes to learn self management strategies and other topics relating to persistent pain

You will also have individual therapy which may be one or all of the following

Occupational Therapy

You will see our occupational therapists when you need help with understanding your pain drivers, pacing, sleep, managing stress and building a meaningful life.


Our physiotherapists will step in when you need a physiotherapy exam, exercise rehabilitation, Clinical Pilates or musculoskeletal treatment.


You may need naturopathy treatment to address possible underlying biological mechanisms to your pain such as digestion, hormone and nervous system issues. Naturopathy can help with natural pain management., sleep, diet and stress.

As you start to piece together a new life trajectory you will appreciate all the things that help you move, think and feel alive.