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Home Delivered Natural Medicines

Sasha Wray I Naturopathy Next Wave Therapy Fremantle area

We are loving our NEW Online scripts!

At your initial naturopathy consultation you will have a clear plan of what lifestyle modifications, diet changes, nutritional supplementation and/or herbal medicines you need.

However, sometimes medicines are not in stock or more information is needed before you can start your therapy.

To make life easier for you, we have set up an online service.

How does an online naturopathy script work?

After your initial assessment your naturopath will set up your online script.

This is emailed to you so that you can order the supplements you need, when you need them.

They are then delivered to your home at no cost (if order is over $90)

The great thing is that the suppliers also have an online shop of all things health related, think essential oils, environmentally friendly cleaning products and some health foods.

In these current times – one less trip out is always a good thing.

The other bonus which we love is that we can apply repeats of your medicines, so once again you don’t need to come in to the practice to collect them. No delays

Sasha Wray is Principal Naturopath at Next Wave Therapy. Also a very experienced occupational therapist and acupressure practitioner she provides a holistic approach to pain, mental health and women’s health care needs.

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