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Be Your Best Self

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Be Your Best Self

Being your best self is the energy we are bring for our patients and ourselves this year.

Do you set goals each new year? Do you make resolutions and never keep them? Are they the same ones each year?

Do you set goals based on what you think you should do rather than what you need to do?

This year why not try something different?

Instead of striving to gain something or change yourself in some way – like to be stronger, fitter, slimmer, smarter, calmer … happier… what about being more present and contented?

What about getting to the heart of what is really important and setting goals based on these values?

Make it matter.

Goal Setting To Be Your Best Self

Absolutely set goals but let’s pause a moment to reflect on what really matters. Not what we think we need or want and certainly not what social pressures are telling us about our needs.

SMART goals are well known. These are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Let’s use wisdom instead and change our smart goals to be

  • Specific – clearly define your goal

  • Meaningful – set goals based on what in your heart of hearts truly matters

  • Adaptable – be flexible in your approach and implementation to change.

  • Reflective – review and revise, check in constantly, as changes occur, on how the new experience is. What is your self talk, how are you measuring outcomes of success or failure?

  • Tuned In to the Present – set timeframes to help you stay present with your goal.Write your goals in the present tense. “I am …” or ‘ I have …” If you struggle with this try saying “I am becoming …” “I am doing” or “I am being…” (Read this blog on The Power of Occupations for more about Doing, Being and Becoming)

Using SMART goals with wisdom will help you find fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

aim for Contentment

Goals are motivating and an essential way to live with more ease or happiness. There’s nothing wrong with that but goal setting can also prevent us from simply being content with what is already present. If we are constantly in pursuit of something different, we can fall into the “Happiness Trap” and never really feel contentment.

Contentment means feeling joy while doing an activity or having pride on one self. Contentment allows us to say “this is enough” and feeling complete in the moment.

Contentment is fulfillment; the sweet feeling of pleasure and satisfaction because you are happy with your life: Contentment is also about having acceptance regardless of whether you are experiencing pain or pleasure.

Interestingly contentment is longer lasting than happiness. It’s also more sustainable and is better for you in the long run. The reason being that happiness comes from a rapid short lived dopamine hit which leaves you seeking more. Whereas contentment comes from serotonin which is calming and slower released

Next Wave physiotherapists, occupational therapists and naturopaths love seeing people achieve their goals.


understand personal challenges.

We are with our patients every step of the way on their journey.

Next Wave Quick Guide for Success in Goal Setting

1. Awareness – know what matters?

In therapy we begin with a comprehensive assessment. We spend quite a bit of time on this as we really need to link your values with what outcome you want. We also assess what your strengths and needs are. This gives a baseline and helps you to get crystal clear on what your goals are.

2. Action

Taking action is the practicalities stuff of when, how and where you are going to start your goal. Before embarking on a journey it’s also super important to be aware of your roadblocks and helpers.

Major roadblocks that we help you with are being fused with or distracted by unhelpful thoughts, feelings, sensations or urges. Helpers are things that unhook you from crooked thinking.

**Top tip for starting a new habit – attach it to an existing routine**

3. Adaptation

When you embark on a new venture, no matter how small or big, it can be a bit of trial and error or an experiment to begin with. Being flexible, able to reflect, review, adapt and retry is the key.
**This step is essential when you are recovering from an injury, living with persistent pain or fatigue or stress.

4. Celebrate

We believe that celebrating success is one of the most important but often overlooked steps in goal attainment. It’s easy to fall into the trap of waiting for the end goal, the big Kahuna! Recognizing small milestones along the journey is crucial. And especially when it comes to health goals as the changes can be so subtle that we don’t even realize that they have happened.

Luckily at next Wave Therapy we insist on an accurate assessment in step 1. This helps to check you are on track and celebrate milestones as they happen.

Be Your Best Self with Next Wave Therapy

Our Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Naturopathy treatment programs are designed to help every individual “be their best self”. However that looks for you and whatever your needs are, we’re here to help you move, think and feel alive!

We treat people of all ages and conditions with a specialist lens that enables people to achieve their goals and beyond.

Copyright next Wave Therapy

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