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Pre-season Training

Training for Winter team sports starts now. Are you ready?

Optimize athletic performance, prevent injuries and have your best season this year with Sports Physiotherapy at Next Wave in O’Connor (Fremantle area).

Achieving and maintaining optimal athletic performance whether for competition or social team sports is important but can be challenging.

Acceleration is Key in Team Sports

Are you recovering from an injury or feeling slow after an injury?

What is the most important skill in the field sports?
Top speed gets all the press, but athletes destroy reach top speed during games.

What’s key is acceleration, how quickly can you get to the next contest, how quickly can you go again after making that tackle?

In the lead up to your next season can you be optimising this?

Have you had an injury in sport before? A hip flexor, adductor, quad, hamstring. And you just don’t feel so quick since?

After injury, our body often changes how we move, this could be affecting your sprinting, specifically acceleration. Sometimes it can e as simple as training your body to get into a good ‘front side’ position to set up the rets of the movement.

Other times it can be more complex, an issue with mobility, pelvic stability, weakness of certain muscles in a lengthened position.

To be the best you can be, and to prevent and manage injuries you want someone who has the knowledge and the experience.

Next Wave Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have a high level understanding of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, athletic performance and exercise rehabilitation. This comes from professional experience treating sports people of all ages. and personal experience playing a wide variety of sports.

Athletic Performance Package

Next Wave Therapy athletic performance package designed by Zac Betts (Sports Masters Physiotherapist) for any athlete, is the way to go in terms of value and quality outcomes. This package is adapted for teens. Alternatively get started with an initial assessment with one of our Physiotherapists and they will advise on the best training regime for you.

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