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Return to Running

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Hello runners!!

Returning to running after an injury can be daunting. We see this all the time. People return to sport or jogging after an injury and end up with more pain and injury.

Three things we want you to consider :

Are you ready?

Being pain free**, with full range of movement and no swelling are pretty good indicators. Try these five exercises to test your running readiness. Can you….?

  1. Walk brisk for 30 minutes

  2. Balance on 1 leg for 30 seconds

  3. Do 15 – 20 controlled single knee dip

  4. Do 20 – 30 single leg calf raisres

  5. Jump and hop pain free

    **Being pain free is ideal but not always feasible and sometimes returning with pain is an option but that it’s a whole conversation you’d need to have one of our physio’s.)

    What is your return to running plan?

    A graded return is optimal for rapid return with minimal injury risk.
    Sounds easy … but this part can be very challenging.

    With so many variables to consider it’s important to try and take guessing out of planning for form, distance, speed, progression, loading, schedule etc

    Have you scheduled a rehab day?

    Including 1 -2 days a week of rehab means you can keep working on the cause of your injury, be it strength, balance or flexibility.

    Injuries that may need to be addressed include ACL injury and repair, plantar fasciitiis, ITB, achilles tendinopathy, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. You can find out more about common leg injuries an dhow to treat them here
    Rehab day also helps to modify or use temporary strategies, address setbacks and pace yourself.

    A more comprehensive look at physiotherapy rehab can be read here and here

    Get your personalized program for returning to running with Physiotherapists at Next Wave Therapy (Fremantle)

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