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World Physio Day


It’s World Physiotherapy Day!!⁠ ⁠

Today we celebrate and thank all the physiotherapists in the world.

We are especially thankful to the Next Wave Therapy physiotherapy team in O’Connor, WA⁠ ⁠

Where would we be without physiotherapy?⁠

The breadth and depth of what physio’s offer for the health our community is immense. This years theme for World Physio Day of Respiratory Health is especially relevant in the current climate of the Covid19 Pandemic.⁠ ⁠


“I think early on asking a patient what they want to get out of their treatment is key. ⁠ For some people it will be to reduce pain, for others a clear understanding of what is going on is high on their list. ⁠Other people may want strategies to avoid recurrence of the symptoms.
I then like to explore the impact that the patient’s condition is having on them and their life and work with them to implement a clear and concise treatment plan.”⁠

Jonathan Wray Practice Principal Physiotherapist


“That all women get, or create, the opportunity to see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist during their pregnancy and as such – that there be less – “I wish someone would have told me about that” -following pregnancy and during the post-natal recovery.

There is always something new to learn or discover about your body, especially as it is changing. I love being a part of the journey of a mother, and your discovery of your amazing body – how to support and strengthen it to fully participate in life.”

Erica Brotherton
Physiotherapist Women’s Health


“I was initially drawn to Physiotherapy through my sport and many years of using Clinical Pilates for my own rehabilitation. This background has helped me develop a great appreciation of movement based rehabilitation and manual therapy.”

Zac Betts

If your physio has helped you in some small way, today is the today to bombard them with your gratitude! 😉⁠

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