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Post Natal Physiotherapy Exercise Class


Online post natal exercise class

An exercise class designed to help women recover after pregnancy and childbirth is now available online at Next Wave Therapy. We are in the Fremantle area, Western Australia but you can join from anywhere in Australia.

Held in the comfort of your own home, this is the ultimate mum’s and bub’s exercise class. Each week you can ‘zoom’ in to the class without the need to wake your baby.

The class is led by highly experienced physiotherapist, Erica Brotherton who has Post Graduate qualifications in women’s health, continence and exercise rehabilitation.

You join a maximum of 6 of other women, with post natal health concerns.

All participants join the class after an initial physiotherapy assessment.

Who benefits from post natal physiotherapy?

After childbirth your body needs specific exercises to recover, prevent further injury and regain fitness.
Pregnancy hormones, which have softened ligaments and stretched pelvic floor muscles, increase the risk of muscle injury and ongoing complications post birth. Your entire genito-urinary, abdominal and pelvic girdle needs extra care and professional help to rehabilitate.

These classes address the need of women who experience:

  • Bladder problems – leakage, poor emptying, reduced sensation of filling

  • Bowel problems – constipation

  • Caesarean birth recovery

  • Sexual problems

  • Prolapse

  • Back pain

  • Stress and mental health concerns

  • Needing help with general exercise and fitness

It takes up to six months for the ligaments in your body to return to normal. Return to exercise should be gradual and guided to meet your specific needs.

Exercise is important as it helps the physical recovery of muscles affected by pregnancy and childbirth. It also assists weight control and facilitates good mental health.

What happens in a Post Natal Exercise Class?

The physiotherapist will guide you through a sequence of exercises to assist post natal recovery, promote fitness and prevent injury. The exercises are completed on the floor using an exercise mat.

All participants receive a free elastic exercise-band.

From you initial assessment the physiotherapist is able to tailor the class exercises to suit your individual needs.

How do I join a post natal exercise class at Next Wave Therapy?

You can book you initial appointment online here or phone us to find a time that suits you.

From there your physiotherapist will discuss a treatment plan with you which includes joining a class and any other specific education, advice or therapy strategies you may need.

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