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Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation


New name for Clinical Pilates Classes

In accordance with National Legislative changes to Health Fund Insurance taking place on the 1st April, 2019 our Clinical Pilates classes are now called Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation or “Physio Rehab”.

The only thing changing is the name

You will still be able to claim a Private Health Insurance or Medicare rebate for the class

Our classes have always been provided to a maximum of 3 people which means that you are actually getting individual therapy over an hour instead of 20 -30 minutes. Therefore, the billing code and your rebate remains the same.

You will still get the benefits of excellent movement based rehabilitation

The Private Health Insurance (PHI) reforms made by the Department of Health recognise that the use of exercise or movement based therapy using Clinical Pilates equipment and techniques is acceptable and within the scope of practice of physiotherapy. At Next Wave Therapy we combine the best of Clinical Pilates with functional movement retraining and resistance work to give you an individually tailored program for your rehabilitation needs.

You will continue to benefit from our person centred approach

At Next Wave we pride ourselves for being responsive to each individual person’s needs. We provide targeted treatment plans to help you fully participate in life. Our ‘Physio Rehab Classes’ form a part of your individual therapy plan. We review your needs in a timely manner and in consultation with you set goals and make changes to your Rehab Classes as needed.

Why offer Physio Rehabilitation in a class?

Research shows greater sense of self efficacy and faster performance outcomes when people work together in a group. It makes sense to match this with supervision and guidance of our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

Physio Rehab Classes at next Wave are for people who want to improve sports performance, have better daily function, body control, fitness, recovery from an injury, pre and post surgical rehabilitation or simply wanting to optimise their health.

If you have any questions about these changes and your health rebates, please do not hesitate to contact us

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