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Physio Exercise Rehab for Children


Group Class for Children at Next Wave in Hilton

Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy and fit.

It’s important for children of all ages to exercise and keep active. We’ve seen a few children lately with recurring muscle aches, pain and injury that will benefit from exercise rehabilitation in the studio.

So we’re offering this new service as a group class in the same way that we offer it to adults. Semi-private (max. 3 /class) for children aged 8-12years.

Who will benefit?

Any active kids who play regular amounts of sport… or even those kids that don’t play a lot of sports!

Our semi-private classes incorporate multiple forms of movement rehabilitation such as Clinical Pilates inspired exercises, resistance training and even basic running and jumping mechanics training.

Conditioning your body for sport to perform optimally and minimise injury is a concept that not many children are exposed to early on. Because of this, classes also involve an aspect of education on how to further look after, and prep, your body for sport. This includes basics on nutrition and hydration, appropriate warm-ups and cooldowns. We also offer 1 on 1 consults where our physiotherapist can talk through load management with young athletes.

Aside from the sporting performance benefits of our semi-private classes. They are also an effective way to manage and treat growing and loading disorders commonly experienced by children such as Osgood Slaters and Severs.

How to join a class

Feel free to come in for an initial physiotherapy assessment, which will involve a detailed history taking, as well as a thorough assessment. This process will identify key areas to be worked on, and can also be used to identify gaps in knowledge that can be filled during classes. Once the assessment is completed, our physiotherapist will take your child through a 1 on 1 introduction into the studio environment and walk through the different exercises that will be involved.

Classes are designed to be fun… but are also are an appropriately pitched workout for each individual. The main goal of these classes is, after all, to get moving and stay moving, prepping children for a full and active life in sport.

Who runs the class?

Our exercise rehab classes for children are run by physiotherapist Zac Betts. Zac was involved in high level sport from a young age himself. He has extensive experience helping children achieve their goals in sport, exercise and fitness.

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