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Mindfulness Classes


Learn mindfulness for pain and stress management

Next Wave Therapy in O’Connor (Fremantle area) Mindful Living program is starting again on Mon 17th Oct.

Mindfulness helps you live a rich and meaningful life despite the pain and stress that inevitably goes with it.

This high quality group program teaches Acceptance & Commitment Therapy principles, mindfulness and relaxation skills. Designed to assist pain management and psychological wellbeing, it will also suit people wanting to live more consciously.

Next Wave’s Mindful Living classes are facilitated by occupational therapists. A maximum of 6 people per course ensures a small supportive group learning environment.

What will I learn in the ACT Mindfully course?

Participants learn the 6 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles and how to apply them into their everyday life. Topics covered include:

  • what is acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindful living

  • strategies for mindfulness in action and meditation techniques

  • relaxation strategies to combat the stress response

  • the neuro-science of pain, stress and trauma and how to create change

  • goal setting and how to develop directorship of one’s own life

  • self awareness and boosting self esteem

  • self management skills

These classes embrace the art and science of this heart-mind-body medicine in a supportive, practical and relaxed way.

ACT Mindfully is an 8 Module Course:

  • Getting Started – Beginners Mind.

  • Being Present – Understand power of now

  • Noticing Thoughts – Develop heart-mind

  • Acceptance – Open up

  • Values – Know what matters

  • Committed Action – Do what matters

  • Self Awareness – Embody self care

  • Integration – Self Mastery

Each session begins with breath awareness, a gentle way to reconnect with one’s self and what is important in life.

How do I join the class?

To join the classes you need an initial assessment with one of our occupational therapists.

Private Health Insurance and Medicare Rebate (Mental Health Care Plan) apply
Register with family member or a carer – they pay 1/2 price

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