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Pain Week at Next Wave Therapy

Pain Week is an important time to raise awareness of chronic pain.

Next Wave Therapy is Fremantle’s leading pain care allied health clinic.

This year we’re sharing some of our biggest game changers in pain care.

A game changer is a newly introduced element or factor that changes something in a significant way. It creates a shift in the current way things are done.

When it comes to chronic, persistent and complex pain we need “game changers”.

Follow us all this week as we share with you the things we find most meaningful for our patients in the recovery and management of chronic pain.

Jonathan Wray kicks off our Pain Week awareness campaign with this video.

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Top Game Changers for Pain Care at Next Wave Therapy are:

  • Understand your pain and make rehab meaningful to you. Chronic pain is a personal experience with many factors contributing to it.

  • Keep the pain inactivity cycle in check – movement is an essential part of pain recovery and management. Seek help from a physio!

  • Pacing is used to help you avoid the boom and bust or rest and rust cycles so that you live your life without flare ups. See an OT for detailed help on pacing (this includes getting a good nights sleep)

  • Pain is an invisible illness and is helped by sharing the experience with others. We help you to explain to your friends and family what the lived experience of pain is for you.

  • Addressing inflammation through diet, nutritional status and natural pain management is helpful. Our naturopaths can help you with this.

  • Understanding the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that dial up your pain is an essential part of pain care at Next Wave Therapy. Our mental health OT’s help with this.

We work as a team and value the close working relationship we have with your general practitioner or specialist physician.

If you or someone you know lives with pain but are not sure what treatment you need or where to turn next – give us a call on 93376460

You can book an appointment or a FREE discovery session to chat with one of our therapists about your options.

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