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Discovery Sessions at Next Wave Therapy

Discover what your next best step is for recovery from pain, injury or stress.

The path to recovery when you have ongoing health concerns can be hard. Optimizing your health starts with a conversation. Our “Discovery Sessions” are an excellent way to begin.

Have you had ongoing health concerns which you have not resolved?

Are you unsure of who can help you or where to turn to next?

Have you tried everything you can think of, what others have told you?

A discovery session at Next Wave Therapy in Fremantle may be just what you need!

What are Discovery Sessions?

A discovery session is dedicated time to ask questions, meet out therapists and discover what options are available to you.

Discovery Sessions are with one of our therapists, whether an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or naturopath at our Fremantle clinic.

We work closely together and are all well placed to guide you toward the next best step for your recovery.

Discovery sessions are a free 15 minute appointment. You can book this time as a phone call or in person.

What to expect in your discovery session

  • You can expect to be heard and listened to.

  • You can expect to be given some idea on might may be happening for you.

  • You can expect to have some guidance on what treatment is best indicated for you at this time in your health journey.

  • You can expect to come out with a plan and hope for the future.

At Next Wave Therapy we help people reshape their life with exceptional therapy designed personally for you.

Contemporary research supports a multi-disciplinary team approach for complex medical and health conditions such as persistent pain, injury, chronic disease and mental health.

Our most common feedback from patients is that having a team of health professionals that work closely together has been invaluable for their recovery.

  • we share clinical notes which means you don’t have to retell you story (if you are seeing more than one of us)

  • we wok closely with your GP and other treating therapists. We advocate for you and help you get the write treatment.

  • if we can’t help you we’ll recommend someone who is better suited for your needs.

Our focus is to help you move, think and fee alive!

You can book a discovery session here or call 08 93376460

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