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Pacing For Pain Management

Join Sasha Wray for a Master Class on Pacing

Pacing is a self management strategy that people with persistent pain and fatigue can use to help manage symptoms and to live a meaningful life.

Pacing helps to improve a persons ability to do the things they need, want or are expected to do.

This Master Class covers Pacing from an Occupational Therapy lens.

DATE: 23rd Nov 12.30 – 100 pm

REGISTER: Via Zoom Meeting here

Topics Covered

  • Basic Pacing Principles
  • Understanding the neuroscience of pacing
  • Getting the balance right with Sasha’s Goldilocks approach
  • Pacing strategies for every moment of the day and every day of the year.

“I frequently hear people say they are ‘doing’ pacing and that it doesn’t help. Often they mention using the spoons theory or taking a break every 1/2 hour. These are good concepts and broad stroke approaches but they don’t always address someone’s personal needs.

In my 30 years experience I’ve learnt that pain management must be personalised. I look forward to sharing a few pearls with you about this at our next Cuppa Catch Up.”

Sasha Wray (Principal Occupational Therapist at Next Wave Therapy)

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Each month we offer a Cuppa Catch Up Master Class with one of our therapists. This is a Zoom Live and is recorded.

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