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Mindfulness Integration

Mindfulness Integration

Next Wave’s Mindfulness and Relaxation Training group course, Hilton (Fremantle area) covers 8 modules. Mindfulness Integration, the final module, puts all the information learnt over the previous 7 modules into context of living a rich, meaningful and sustainable life.

What is Integration?

Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single open system that functions as one unit. This is the process of feeling connected and whole. Very often when a person has experienced pain, stress and/or trauma their deepest desire is to feel ‘themselves’ again. Integration enables this.

Enlighten with Mindfulness Integration

This final session of our course aims to shed light on a deeper understanding of what mindful living is and how to experience it. To understand this we turn to the water lily, a classic symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

Like the water in which the roots of a lily reside, our outer and inner worlds can sometimes feel dark,  murky, unbearable and uncomfortable. And yet this environment is life sustaining and an essential part of the whole. In the first 7 modules of this course we learn mindfulness skills which help to navigate the murky waters of our daily existence. The focus being very much on how to manage stress, pain and challenges that inevitably are a part to life.

Our final module, ‘Integration’ focuses on what becomes once we have mastered the principles of the first 7 modules. Like the beautiful lily flower that emerges from the muddied waters, this is the integration of all that is and all that will become. It is the final unfolding of our life experience.

Essence and Equanimity

Our Mindfulness and Relaxation Training course teaches skills which enable you to change the ‘matrix’ of your life. Mindful awareness helps you to find a gesture of balance in how you move, think and feel.  It enables you to live with equanimity or one’s true nature.

Being present in the moment, non-judgementally, with self compassion and an openness in heart and mind to all life experiences is equanimity.

The best way I know at this very moment to realise this is through mindfulness in our daily activities and life integration.

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