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Our Falls Prevention Programs

Next Wave Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy programs are designed to help you enhance your strength and balance, leading to greater confidence both at home and in your everyday life.

Who Needs a Falls Prevention Program?

Falls prevention isn’t just for the elderly; it’s essential for everyone, regardless of age. Staying active throughout life helps maintain strength, agility, and fitness, which are crucial for preventing falls.

Individuals at Higher Risk of Falls Include:

  • Those who have fallen recently (within the past 3-12 months)
  • Individuals with reduced confidence in their mobility
  • People who have undergone ankle, knee, or hip surgery
  • Those with osteoarthritis
  • Individuals experiencing decreased balance
  • People with poor lower limb strength and/or flexibility
  • Those with neurological disorders affecting mobility
  • Individuals with persistent pain

Age-related changes, such as decreased muscle mass, strength, bone density, and sensory function, can also increase the risk of falls.

Top Tips for Preventing Falls

1. Manage Your Health

  • Eat a balanced diet, paying attention to iron intake
  • Stay hydrated
  • Monitor medications and their side effects (dizziness, drowsiness) and consult your GP if needed
  • Spend time outdoors for sunlight exposure (Vitamin D)
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Manage continence issues

2. Implement Safety Strategies at Home

  • Ensure adequate lighting (consider sensor night lights)
  • Wear supportive, non-slip shoes
  • Remove trip hazards like loose mats and clutter
  • Use mobility aids and equipment if necessary
  • Ask for help with tasks involving heavy lifting, reaching, or bending

3. Stay Active

  • Increase daily activity levels
  • Incorporate functional movements whenever possible
  • Exercise with others for added motivation and support
  • Choose activities that suit your needs (walking, swimming, tai chi, Pilates)

Our Physio’s & OT’s can help with this –  The more active you are, the greater your muscle strength, flexibility, balance & stamina.

4. Get Professional Help

Next Wave Therapy have a team of experts that can assist you with fall prevention, this includes:

  • Our physiotherapists assess musculoskeletal and neural factors impacting balance and mobility, helping you improve movement, balance, strength, and stamina
  • Our  occupational therapists evaluate functional mobility and your home environment, addressing factors like vision, confidence, stress, sleep, fatigue, and continence that contribute to falls risk
  • Our naturopaths offer guidance on diet and nutrition

We work closely with your allied health team and may refer you to:

  • Your GP for medication review or health concerns
  • A podiatrist for foot or footwear issues

Falls Prevention Programs at Next Wave Therapy

Our exercise rehabilitation programs in O’Connor (Fremantle area) focus on falls prevention and include:

  • GLA:D Exercise Program for Osteoarthritis
  • Pilates for strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Exercise rehabilitation for pain care, injury management, and pre/post-surgery
  • Strength training for osteoporosis
  • Home assessment and personalised home programs

We are committed to helping you move, think, and feel more confident in your home and life.

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