Zen and the Art of Painless Living

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All welcome to join Sasha Wray in this talk about pain care.

When pain is present our natural tendency is to try to get of rid of it.

Pain, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is our defence system from danger.

If pain persists however, we need to find other ways to understand these danger signals. This presents a koan, where we need to find safety in the pain.

In this talk Sasha will talk about how an occupational approach and mindfulness can help you develop self management skills, greater self efficacy and function so that you can fully participate in your life in a meaningful way.

You will experience and learn some mindfulness tools that can be used straight away

Zen and the Art of Painless Living - April 5th Fri 5.30 pm

Presented Sasha Wray (Occupational Therapist / Naturopath

Cost: FREE but please register so that we can cater for everyone

Door Prizes and special offers given on the night