National Tradies Month 20% off Initial Consult


National Tradies Month


The Australian Physiotherapist Association has designated August as being ‘National Tradies Month’.

Now in its second year, ‘National Tradies Month’ aims to support people working in physically demanding roles. Australian tradies experience higher rates of injury and time off from work compared to other workers. Ultimately Tradies rely on their bodies for work and if they become injured or carry niggling musculoskeletal complaints then this can affect their ability to work to their full potential, as a result this will likely have a financial implication.


As part of ‘Tradies Month’, the physiotherapists at Next Wave Therapy are offering 20% of your initial consultation for the whole of the month of August. 

Whether you are suffering from an acute injury, a persistent pain presentation or just want a great gym program to stay in shape, we have the tools to help. Get in touch today and quote ‘National Tradies Month’.