Mindfulness and RelaxationTraining

Our next Mindfulness and Relaxation Training group course starts Mon Jul 30th 12.30 - 2.30 pm and runs for 4 weeks.

Current research supports a mindfulness approach for pain care, stress and anxiety. Our high quality group program delivered by occupational therapist Sasha Wray teaches mindfulness and relaxation skills for managing persistent pain and improving psychological well being. It is also relevant for people wanting to learn practical and easy to use strategies for improving quality of life.

The 8 module program has a maximum of 6 people per class to ensure a supportive group learning environment.

Learn in depth the 6 acceptance and commitment therapy principles and about the neuro-science of pain care and stress management.

Cost: $30 / module ($240 total)

Private Health Rebate for OT Group
Medicare Rebate for group therapy under a Mental Health Care Plan
Register with family member / carer they pay 1/2 price

Please feel free to contact Sasha on 0402550469 for more details or to discuss whether this program will suit you.