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Next Wave offer a range of products for your recovery, rehabilitation and wellness. This includes our very own Herbal Te range meditation mats, mind masks Magnesium  bath salt and heat packs.

Next Wave's Herbal Te range

Next Wave's Herbal Te range

Herbal Te Range

Next Wave range of herbal tonics, formulated by our Naturopath, support your inherent nature to live with a gesture of balance.

  • DigesTe reduce the symptoms of mild indigestion, reflux and bloating.
  • RespiraTe relieve an  irritating dry unproductive cough.
  • SinusTe  relieve sinus congestion, nasal soreness and itchy eyes.
  • TranquilTe promotes relaxation in times of stress and will assist sleep when there is restlessness or short lived insomnia.
  • UtiTe relieve an acute urinary tract infection. Seek professional advice if no improvement within 48 hours.
  • VitaliTe lift energy and spirits during stress. Do not use if exhausted.
  • ImmuniTe boost immunity during convalescence or recurring infection.

These formulas are designed to assist with acute or recently experienced ailments. More serious, persistent or complicated health concerns require a consultation.

Medicinal herbal tonics nourish, cleanse, stimulate and energise the body. Liquid herbs enable a herbalist to tailor a tonic specifically for an individual. Medicinal Herbs use the whole plant which acts synergy when blended. The taste, whether sweet, sour, bitter or pungent also has a therapeutic action. Ask to have a taster today!

Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushion

Our thoughtfully crafted cushions have been designed to maximise your meditation experience. Comfort and postural support is given from a lower foam layer, topped with higher density foam. The Next Wave logo gives a focal point. Comfort, stability & focus, enable you to drop in to your still point. Experience the benefits of meditation.


Mind Mask

Bespoke mind masks filled with Hilton grown lavender, linseeds , brown rice and mung beans. These masks are designed to help you retreat in the moment. Place mask over your eyes… Notice your breath… Return to the moment.

Feel free to drop in on us to check out these and more wellness products at Next Wave.