Naturopathy for Parkinson’s Disease


Do you have Parkinson’s Disease or know someone who has?

Did you know Naturopathic medicine can help?

Hello, my name is Emma Chapman-Sharp.  As today is World Parkinson’s Day, I wanted to provide some information on how Naturopathic treatment can help people with Parkinson’s.

My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 9 years ago in her mid-60’s.  Together with conventional medical support and

pharmaceutical medications, Mum has used natural therapies to manage her Parkinson’s symptoms and general health.  The progression has been very slow, and she is mobile, independent, active and still driving!

There are Naturopathic treatments to gently help with all the things that can come along with Parkinson’s, including constipation, pain, poor energy levels, anxiety, sleep issues and low mood. 

Did you know that it is vitally important to have your Vitamin D levels accurately assessed as Vitamin D is needed to form Dopamine? Vitamin B12 is essential for energy and helps with that foggy feeling and poor concentration that can occur. Standard blood tests from your GP don’t always pick up these deficiencies.

If you would like any advice on how Naturopathic treatment can help you live better with Parkinson’s, please get in touch.  A pharmaceutical review will form part of the consultation and any treatments prescribed will have no adverse effects with the medications you may be on.

Emma Chapman-Sharp, Principal Naturopath at Next Wave Therapy, has 17 years clinical experience helping people with complex medical needs. She has a special interest in women’s health, stress, fatigue, thyroid, adrenal health and chronic pain. Emma is available for consult in clinic and via skype.