LIFE Cycles Retreats 2019

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LIFE Cycles is a series of retreat mornings where we meet each season. We use meditation, mindfulness, yoga, self acupressure techniques and other practical ways of bringing balance into life each season.

Each season relates to a different element in Chinese Medicine, including Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Based on John Kirkwood's teachings of 5 Elements Integrative Acupressure we reflect on the current season, the  qualities it brings to our life and ways we can use this knowledge to facilitate health and wellness.

Occupations shape our life.  What we do and how we feel determine health, happiness and self awareness. LIFE Cycles teaches practical ways of doing, being and becoming in alignment with the natural cycles. We meet 5 times a year to explore the occupation of Life In Five Elements (LIFE).

About the Facilitators

Sasha Wray and Zoe Cole are occupational therapists who share a passion for holistic health and healing. They offer this retreat for all people who have a desire or need to bring balance, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social or cultural, into their life. 

Sasha is a 5 Elements Acupressure practitioner, Naturopath and Occupational Therapist. She has completed highest level of 5 Elements Integrative Acupressure training with John Kirkwood. Zoe is a Yoga Instructor and Occupational Therapist.Their work delivers an integration of Ancient wisdom with contemporary science. 

LIFE Cycles Retreat Dates 2019

  • Late Summer Earth Feb 10th

  • Autumn Metal Apr 7th

  • Winter Water Jun 2nd

  • Spring Wood Sep 1st

  • Summer Fire Nov 3rd

When: Sun 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Cost: $80 per retreat or $300 for all 5 Retreats in the year
Register: email or book online