Pain Care Discovery Sessions

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Next Wave Therapy offers compelling therapy for pain.

Pain care starts with a conversation.

The path to recovery when you have chronic or persistent pain can be hard. It can be hard to know:

  • where to find help?

  • what therapy is needed?

  • what is the best therapy to suit your unique needs?

When pain has persisted over time it’s not always a straight forward problem.
You may have physical health issues.
You may have functional problems such as difficulty sleeping, working a full day or being able to do everyday self care tasks such as dressing.
You may be experiencing stress, low mood, anxiety or low self esteem.

At Next Wave Therapy in Fremantle, we offer a multifaceted team approach when helping people navigate their way to recovery from chronic or persistent pain. Our team consists of physiotherapist’s, occupational therapist’s and naturopaths.

What are Discovery Sessions?

Next Wave Therapy “Discovery Sessions” are an excellent way to ask questions, meet out therapists and discover what options are available to you. This is dedicated time to start the conversation about the best first step to take to help your pain management.

Discovery Sessions are with one of our therapists, whether an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or naturopath. We work closely together and are all well placed to hear your story, answer your queries and make a plan with you on where to start.

The starting point may be with one of our therapists or it may be we recommend you see your GP or a specialist physician for further investigations.

Discovery sessions are free and with no obligation.


How to book a discovery session?

You can book in to a Discovery Session online or phone reception 93376460.

Why do Next Wave have a team approach to pain care?

Contemporary research supports a multi-disciplinary team approach for complex medical and health conditions such as persistent pain. Our most common feedback from patients is that having a team of health professionals that work closely together has been invaluable for their recovery.

At Next Wave we share clinical notes which means you don’t have to retell you story. We will also refer you to another therapist in a timely and appropriate manner.

Our focus is your recovery and beyond. We want you to move, think and feel alive again. We want you to be able to live your life and reach your potential.

Our dynamic team works together to help you meet your goals


34 year old lady with hip pain for the past year. She first saw our physiotherapist for a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment and had subsequent strength and conditioning training sessions. However, she kept getting flare up in her hip pain.

After 3 sessions this lady was referred to a GP for review and her medication was changed. She also started seeing our occupational therapist for education about pacing, stress management and a closer look at how her daily living tasks were exacerbating her pain.

She was then able to go about her daily life without flare ups and after a few more physiotherapy sessions joined our occupational therapy yoga classes for gentle stretching and relaxation.

Are you ready to start a conversation about you recovery?

Book an appointment or a discovery session today online or phone our friendly reception staff.