Pain Management Fremantle area (Hilton)

Next Wave Occupational Therapists are highly experienced in treating pain.

Pain is a clinical feature in many health conditions. It can affect the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of a person. If pain is present, it has the potential to limit meaningful activity. Next Wave offers a unique ‘body in mind’ approach to pain management which focuses on Participation in life, Understanding and Managing Pain (PUMP).

Current research, supports occupational engagement as a key way to make the changes needed for recovery from pain.


Who benefits from Pain Management at Next Wave?

Whether your pain has been recent or long standing, our pain management approach is tailored for your needs:

  • muscle pain (sharp, shooting, dull ache, numbness or tingling)
  • joint pain
  • soft tissue injury
  • neural tissue sensitivity
  • persistent pain syndromes
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic pain

Mental health Concerns such as anxiety, depression, poor sleep, low self-confidence and fatigue are all common features when pain is persistent or chronic.

Pain may also be associated with stress, inadequate nutrition, chronic infections, viral illness, digestive disturbance arthritis or a metabolic disorder. Our experienced Naturopath has a special interest in treating this area of natural medicine.

What is Occupational Therapy Pain Management?

An Occupational Therapist helps you understand and manage pain better so you can fully participate in life again.

In consultation a Next Wave Occupational Therapist uses:

Occupational Therapy help’s you:

  • reduce and/or manage pain better
  • understand the neuro-science of pain
  • get a good night sleep
  • develop activity pacing skills to avoid “flare ups”
  • regain confidence in how you move, think and feel
  • rediscover your values
  • set life affirming goals
  • conserve energy
  • build energy
  • realise your fullest potential
  • live a rich and meaningful life

Pain is a complex and an entirely individual experience. All pain is real!

Our experienced occupational therapists are registered Private Health and Medicare providers.

Other Pain management services at Next Wave include: