Next Wave Meditation

A meditation for inner stillness, self awareness and living a more meaningful life.

This active meditation integrates mindfulness practice and theory learnt in Mindfulness and Relaxation Training. It’s a format that can easily be applied in daily life and takes a half hour to complete. The aim of this meditation is to build structures within one self to be aware, open and present.

UPCOMING Courses for 2018

Mar 2nd 4 – 7 pm
May 4th 4 – 7 pm
Aug 3rd 4 – 7 pm
Nov 2nd 4 – 7 pm

Register online, phone or email reception to secure your place in this workshop.
Cost $90

What is taught in this workshop?

Next Wave Meditation is taught in a half day course, where participants learn:

  • How to establish a meditation practice – environment, routine, physical, mental and emotional responses.
  • Mindful movement (qi gong) exercises – used prior to meditation and helpful for people experiencing persistent pain, anxiety, stress, sleep disturbance.
  • Integration of mindfulness principles. 
  • Next Wave Meditation – an active meditation developed by Sasha which integrates inner smile, chi circulation and mindfulness principles.
  • Deeper understanding of the 5 elements in game of life and the bio-matrix.
  • Neuro-science of meditation.

The meditation is taught in a way that enables participants to practice without any external props but a MP3 is provided to help get started with a regular practice.

Who can learn Next Wave Meditation?

Participants are encourage to have completed a Mindfulness & Relaxation Training Group Course or have a good understanding of the Acceptance & Commitment Therapy model of mindfulness either through prior training or  individual therapy.

Ongoing Practice and Support

We meet monthly for Next Wave Meditation group practice and discussion on the first Friday of every month, 6.00 – 7.00 pm

2018 Dates and discussion topics

Feb 2nd – Earth element
Mar 2nd – Self Awareness
Apr 6th – Metal Element
May 4th – Opening up
Jun 1st – Water
Jul – No practice
Aug 3rd – Wood Element
Sep 7th – Creating change
Oct – No practice
Nov 2nd – Fire
Dec – No practice


Register online phone or email reception to attend a practice session once you have completed the workshop.