Next Wave Physiotherapy Acupuncture 

Fremantle area (Hilton) 

Acupuncture physiotherapy Fremantle (HIlotn) Next Wave

Next Wave physiotherapists are trained in both classical and contemporary  ‘dry needling’ acupuncture treatment approaches.

When is acupuncture treatment used?

To achieve the best treatment outcome for our patients, Next Wave Physiotherapy will prescribe acupuncture following comprehensive assessment and clinical reasoning. It is used to treat pain and related problems with the nerve, muscle or fascial systems of the body.

  • Muscle, tendon and joint pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Acute sports injuries

What happens in a treatment?

Next Wave Physiotherapy use high quality, single use, fine filament acupuncture needles. In determining where and how needles are inserted, they draw on both classical and contemporary dry needling approaches.

  • Dry Needling involves insertion of an acupuncture needle for trigger point release.
    A trigger point is a localised painful area within a muscle, which when active, produces pain and dysfunction via its increased neuro-chemical activity.  A trigger point can be treated by stimulating a ‘twitch response’ either with manual pressure or more localised input such as from an acupuncture needle.
  • Integrative Acupuncture incorporates the science of dry needling with a deeper understanding of the traditional theoretical models of acupuncture. Drawing on the classical approaches means that integrative acupuncture provides safe and rapid recovery from pain or injury while also treating underlying root cause of an ailment.

 Private Health and Medicare Rebates apply

Next Wave also offers Clinical Pilates, Manipulative Therapy, Myo-Fascial Trigger Point Therapy for muscle pain and injury management.